Ian Schiavon

I've always had a passion for creating, when I was younger I used Lego. I still use Lego, but now I'm also using Computers, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, Quadcopters and more.

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I've Never Stopped Learning!

I attended McMaster University and studied Software Engineering, where I learned how create by coding. It started with C but soon after I was learning PHP, C#, Python, Perl, HTML, JavaScrip and CSS. The possibilities were endless.

Working at Best Buy as the Geek Squad Deputy of Counter Intelligence, I learned how to create lasting relations with clients as I helped them with computer issues. I developed my problem solving skills, gained an understanding on how to work in a team and developed my leadership skills.

For the past few years, working for the Ian Martin Group, I keep learning about IT and customer service. I’ve been fine tuning my customer service skills while learning how to solve new issues. I’m in charge of identifying and bringing awareness around inefficient processes and workflows and work to implement resolutions. I’ve helped migrate to Office 365, configure new servers and deploy new technologies to improve our users experience.

On my free time, I learn about microcontrollers, electronics, single-board computers, Full Stack development, iOS development, photography, cooking and baking.

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